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wiki2epub - Platform for generating EPUBS from multiple Wikimedia project pages
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wiki2epub is an idea for a platform that gives Wikimedia users the possibility to collect pages from multiple Wikimedia projects in order to create an EPUB based on their content. The wiki2epub prototype uses the Mediawiki API to retrieve data from URLs - which can refer to a Wikimedia Page, a File, a Category, and so on. The idea is to identify the kind of object represented by the URL and display the available modules for it, which a user can then select and collect.

An example: if the object is a Wikipedia Page, the available modules would be FullPage, Contributors, Images, Revisions and content in Other Language(s).

The project was started as part of a design research internship at the Publishing Lab in Amsterdam, but unfortunately there was no time to bring it to finished state. It would be great to find other people who are interested in the EPUB function of the Mediawiki and who would like to work together towards its reimplementation.

The suggestion of having it as a platform came out of practical reasons (time constraints, lacking experience with PHP coding), but other options that were considered were a Mediawiki or browser plugin.

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Hello! Just letting you know that you can schedule this session now for the hackathon. Instructions and scheduling can be done here:

@Clco: Did this happen? If it happened, is there more left to do in this task, or can this task be closed as resolved?
Looking at and if there is more work to do, could this be under Possible-Tech-Projects ?

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@Aklapper It didn't happen in the end (no subscribers). I've moved it under Possible-Tech-Projects in case there will be someone working on a similar topic. Thanks for your suggestion. Also changed the status to stalled, but I'm not sure if that is the best description.

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I'm boldly declining this task to reflect reality, as the idea has not taken off in four years. Anyone is free to fork and work on (and use its issue tracker). FYI, for Wikisource there is WS Export nowadays.