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Rename/move mediawiki/skins/MinervaNeue to mediawiki/skins/Minerva
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In preparation from splitting the Minerva skin outside MobileFrontend I will need to rename/move the existing MinervaNeue repo into Minerva.

Can someone help?
Thanks in advance.


  • Create Minerva repository
  • Setup CI for Minerva repository. It's going to need to run browser tests and the npm test and will need MobileFrontend as a dependency.

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Actually I can make do with the MinervaNeue repository.

... but it would also be helpful. Gonna keep my options open and reopen this :)

I can rename the repo. Do you still want that?

If we rename, will I need to update every reference to it in CI, or is there such thing as a Gerrit alias?

I fear I've made too many chances at this point to rename it but I'd love to hear otherwise!

Not going to do it. Seems mirroring / renaming is not possible and it doesn't really matter.