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Hold an internal workshop on bug reporting
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This is an umbrella task to which preparation and follow-up tasks can be tied.
The workshop would consist of two parts:

  1. Introduction to bug reporting for new hires
  2. Instructions/routines/best practices for how to best download encountered issues, confusions etc. directly after having hosted an event (such as an edit-a-thon). And how to turn these into productive bug reports.

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@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE Were you ok with holding the introduction/teaching for new hires?

Do you mean bullet one in the description? If so, yes.

Do you mean bullet one in the description? If so, yes.

Yes that is exactly it

@Lokal_Profil Could you please add a link to the notes from the meeting? After that we can close this task.


  • compile notes and put on wiki
  • create tasks for any identified issues
  • e-mail participants to give them a chance to comment/edit

Created/identified follow up tasks:

  • (Resolved directly) Kan även lista buggar (utöver de som täcks i MediaWiki) men arbetstiden täcks då av annat projekt.
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