Reduce history to real contributors, that is remove vandalism
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Given that I want to see the real contributors of a page
When I open the history for that page
Then I want to see the real contributors

Also, as a corollary I do not want to see all the trolling in the history. Because we now have digests that says which rows are similar it should be possible to filter on real contributors, removing all non-essential loops. Those loops should not be purged, as content from them could be reused after edit wars. How to identify such edit wars with partial restored content is a separate problem.

There are probably some older task on this, I believe I wrote one in ancient times when we used Bugzilla.

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This requires a definition of "real contributors" first.
And what "digests" you refer to.
And where you'd expect this. Special:RecentChanges? ?action=history? Both?

jeblad added a comment.EditedMay 6 2017, 10:19 AM

A "real contributor" would be a "non vandal".
There are sha1-digests available for the revisions, in the rev_sha1column in the revision table.
The history for a page is usually the action handler for the page, available as action=history.

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Perhaps an extension can check checksums before printing the history ?