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"Member of group(s)" in Special:Preferences causes language difficulties
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The newly added line in Special:Preferences:

"Member of {{PLURAL:$1|group|groups}}: " list of names of groups

is somewhat problematic languagewise in some languages. In the Ripuarian langages e.g. that is because groups are plural nouns. That reads as "menber of groups: normal users, confirmed users, users that can import, ..." which is giving a somewhat ridiculous, complicated construction. Much better was to put it with singulars: "You are a user, confirmed user, allowed to import, etc." - still a bit strange because of the duplication of the word "user" but much more like people really speak.

I believe that likely for other languages, the contrary might be true, and I urge other non-english speakers to add their best, or typical, language constructs. Maybe, we can find something workable for all, which is better than what we currently have.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement



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Would it help if the list with member groups is a parameter for the message? So: "Member of {{PLURAL:$1|group|groups}}: $2".

Only solution I can imagine is adding some magic message, which can change which type we show in the list.

Example MediaWiki:preferences-memberof-type:
name: User::getGroupName() aka Administrators, Users...
member: User::getGroupMember() aka Adminstrator, User...

With no comments, I implemented variable switch in r53873.