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Add definitions to Special:ListGroupRights from $wgAutopromote
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Author: mohamed.m.k

Currently, In Special:ListGroupRights lists only the group name and the rights they have. it is missing the definitions of when each right is activated.

For example: When the Autoconfirmed users become autoconfirmed? the list should list that, whether it is after 1000 edits & 10 years or it is after 50 edits and 5 days.

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I agree, the special page is often useless because a user wants to know "what am I allowed to do and when?" but nowhere in MediaWiki's interface one can find when autopromotion happens, while for the other groups Special:ListGroupRights tells you who to ask for the right.

This is important because a [[m:Newly registered user]] has many restrictions and the rules to stop being a "newbie" can vary a lot, giving lots of headaches even to experienced users.

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