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Decommission db1024
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Hello, db1024 is now ready to be decomissioned

  • - all system services confirmed offline from production use
  • MySQL is stopped and the host has been removed from db-eqiad.php, db-codfw.php, added to spare to site.pp, removed from dhcp, downtimed on icinga, removed from tendril and removed from software repo:
  • - set all icinga checks to maint mode/disabled while reclaim/decommmission takes place.
  • - remove system from all lvs/pybal active configuration
  • - any service group puppet/heira/dsh config removed
  • - remove site.pp (replace with role::spare if system isn't shut down immediately during this process.)



  • - system disks wiped (by onsite)
  • - remove hostname label, remove hostname from visible label field in racktables (by onsite)
  • - system removed from rack

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I am ready whenever you are to decom and remove the rack

Hello @Cmjohnson
From the DBA side you can proceed whenever you like. We do not have to do anything else I believe.

MySQL is down
It has been added to spare role on site.pp
Disabled and downtimed on icinga
Removed from dhcp entries