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Add some type of folders/categories/sorting to user page
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May 9 2017, 11:14 AM
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May 9 2017, 11:16 AM
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After some time I get to the point thet I have got about 40 queries. Some of them I run daily (maintenance), some of them once a year (statistics) and some of them I use irregularly when I create a new query and want to know some Wikipedia table structure. Formerly I made blank queries with special name as delimiters between groups of usually together used or similar queries, but now it is not helping anymore. The list on my user page starts being too large and disorganized.

There are many possible solutions:

  1. Add a possibility to create folders (best)
  2. Add a possibility to create categories or tags (works too)
  3. Add a possibility to sort list - alphabetically, numerically, by frequency of use (not bad, but not perfect)
  4. and many others...

My current partial solution, starts to be messy with more and more queries:

pasted_file (1×1 px, 541 KB)