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Alert for blocked IP makes no sense
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I found some bias in an article and went to edit and make the wording more neutral, but was given this alert. The alert doesn't tell me anything useful about the block and disappears very quickly. As a casual editor, I wouldn't begin to know how to learn more or resolve this. It would only open more questions, like "Am I being accused of vandalizing something about dogs and rappers?"

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It's probably because your IP as a special block reason field that contain a template, to be showed in HTML with additional informations on desktop view. Here the template is printed as plain-text.

Thanks @Framawiki, that's what I figured. It's still a bad experience though :P

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This is nothing to do with MobileFrontend and shows on the desktop too, although there links will show. The HTML issue is tracked here - T155835. The wording of the message however is in the control of editors...