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A/B Test: explore similar - analysis of results
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Once the test for displaying the explore similar links in the search results page is done, let's do the cool analysis of it! :)

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Haven't started properly working on this but I did just upload the auto-generated report to stat1005:/srv/published-datasets/discovery/reports/

Should be available via in the next half hour if everything works correctly

I chatted with Chelsy this morning about a small wording/sentence change that has been updated. Otherwise, the report looks good and makes sense, thanks, @chelsyx! @mpopov can you take a look at it as well?

  • Reads really nice; super easy to follow along
  • "not comparing apple to apple" => "not comparing apples to apples"
  • "According to our eventlogging schema" => "According to our EL schema" (since you already introduced the term above)

Excellent first draft, @chelsyx!!! Kudos~

debt added a subscriber: Jdrewniak.

@chelsyx - nope, I don't think we need any other reviewers on this (@Jdrewniak has viewed it independently of this ticket). I've also added it to our Analysis page:

Thanks! :)