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Create deployment playbook for wmde/github-webhook
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Create a Playbook that does the following steps on the deployment machine:

  • Install nginx and php-fpm
  • Create Vhost for the web directory of Nice to have: vhost/firewall only allows github and WMDE IP addresses (the latter for testing).
  • install incron and configure it to run the deployment scripts (in cli folder) when some file changes.
  • Install a cronjob that also triggers the cli scripts. This is for cases where there were multiple push requests for the same branch and the deployments are queued. In these cases, incron won't work.
  • Add deploy hooks to so it can be deployed with our wmde-atomicdeploy Ansible role.

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After an off-the-record prototype and discussion inside the team we decided to terminate the DIY webhook project and go the jenkins (T167096 + T157577) way.