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InternetArchiveBot causes reference error
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InternetArchiveBot causes reference error on svwiki by giving refs with the same name different content.

See difs:

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So where's the content change. I don't see any.

The bot changes some references with the name parameter set, but not all of them. See this dif for an example. The bot sets


on two of the references with the name "UK's Albums/Singles positions to Ashanti". However, there are two more references with:


I think I see, but I'll be honest why use reference tags with the same name? That's just silly. If you want to use the same use a contentless self closing ref tag.

I totally agree. Hopefully most users use that method today. But there are probably a lot of references with the same name in old articles (and some new ones as well), so it will happen again. The problem is not huge, but I thought you wanted to know about it.

Thanks. Since it's not a huge issue, I hope you won't mind if I decline this issue.