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Property creation should use the current en-label in the proposal
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Currently when I click on "Create" in a property proposal the feature doesn't copy the label but headline.
If I have the proposal "Wikidata:Property proposal/ALPG ID" on the page the correct up-to-date label is "ALPG golfer ID" but that's not automatically copied. What's copied is "ALPG ID".

This both produces additional work and opens up the possibility for making mistakes.

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This is how the template is coded. I am wondering whether this can be fixed since the "correct" labels are not provided to it.

Okay, I think I understand the problem. It seems we would need to move the label inside the property proposal template for it to be accessible in the same way the description is accessible.

Is there a good reason against doing so?

And is it really impossible to operate on the information in that in the text in which the template was inserted for the purpose of the template engine?

It's possible to fetch wikitext of an arbitrary page but then you have to find what you're looking for... this is what I prefer to avoid.

It seems to me that the label is nearly always clearly stated in :

=== {{TranslateThis | anchor = en
| en = ESTC citation number
}} ===

That gives me the impression that it should be easy to know what to look for. Do you think it isn't as easy as I imagine?

nearly always

Do you think it isn't as easy as I imagine?

There's an unlimited number of variations how this can look like. The demonstrated case is the easier of them.

I think that this is case is the standard for property proposals and if the script could handle this case it would be a huge improvement.

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