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Update FAQs with new reading list sync capability
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NOTE: Based on user testing T186273 results, there are a number of specific points that we should include in the FAQs.

User story:
As a current user of the reading list, I want to find out more information about how the new reading list sync feature works including more how it impacts me when I have multiple devices or accounts accessing the app.


  • Update the existing Android FAQ page with new reading list sync capability
  • Provide expanded section relating to how reading list sync works:
    • Across devices, but not as yet cross-platform
    • In-app, but not as yet on web
    • It is only available as of version X in the app ( Per T180229#3951960, add a message advising that only versions of the app from X onwards supports syncing, so that for example with users multiple devices remember to upgrade all devices to the sync supported version).
    • Syncs reading lists to your account only when you are logged in and it is enabled (else reading lists are locally stored to the device).

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@RHo Ok all set. Can you give the text a once-over and make sure that it makes sense to more than just me? :)

Just made a clarification that sync only needs to be enabled once for the account, not per device.