enhancement: adjust number of Property values displayed
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In the mail thread "[Semediawiki-user] Getting the values of a property",
ablum wants to list all the *values* of a property. Property:Foo's page lists pages and their values, but only shows at most three values for each page before "...".

It would be nice if admins and/or users could adjust this. In SMW_PropertyPage.php's shortList() function, just change

$ropts->limit = 4;
if ($i < 4) {


protected max_list = 3;  // How many items to show for each thing listed

// Ask for one extra, to determine whether to show ellipsis for "more items".
$ropts->limit = $this->max_list + 1;
if ($i <= $this->max_list) {

and maybe have a global for this and/or check for a query string parameter in the URL that overrides it.

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Severity: enhancement
URL: http://semanticweb.org/wiki/Property:Has_author#SMWResults

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Done: the global configuration parameter is called $smwgMaxPropertyValues and defaults to 3.

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