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problem with position of checkbox for a minoredit by starting a new section
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screenshot to visible the bug

I have a problem with my screen (1400x1050px) and the checkbox for the minoredit by starting a new section (action=edit&section=new). When I have hidden the “#editpage-copywarn” in my monobook the checkbox for the minoredit (wpMinoredit) is in the right of the textarea (wpTextbox1), but this is only wenn the first word of the text (MediaWiki:minoredit) have only three letters. More than three letters are no problem. I added screenshots form different languageuserfaces. The problem is by the first and third (de, nl). The other (en, fr) doesn't makes problems, because the first word have more than 3 letters.

This makes problems, when I have a other screen, and the checkbox isn't at the same position to uncheck it, for example.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: enhancement


bug.minoredit.jpg (482×1 px, 56 KB)



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I'm a bit confused about this question. If you have only hiden "#editpage-copywarn", then how is that the edit summary box is also hidden?

The summarybox (wpSummary) is above the textarea, when I starting a new section (for example:

".edithelp" is also hidden, but that is behind the buttons and makes no problems.

"#wpSummaryLabel" is also hidden, but that is only the label (text: "Subject/headline") and not the box.

Bleah... :)

Did a little cleanup of that <div> area in r36515, should resolve this once it goes live.