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After installing sprint plugin, cannot create sprint: Returns dict Errors
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After we installed latest version from phabricator and sprint plugin unable to create sprint.

GUI shows error:
Returns dict Errors
ERR-CONDUIT-CORE: See error message for details.
OAuth Scope OAuth clients may never call this method.

Need to documentation if this some kind of configuration issue. All other plugins are working fine with out errors

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taiffu created this task.May 12 2017, 6:43 PM
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There are multiple ways to "create a sprint". And both still work on the latest version of Phabricator (surprisingly to me, since I have not maintained this at all for many months) .

I suspect that you are using the conduit method which would have a URI like this http://your.phabricator.instance/conduit/method/sprint.create/

The standard conduit UI looks like exactly what you are reporting as an "error". See below.

If you are not comfortable with Conduit, you can opt to create a normal project and just click the "Is Sprint" box, and the project becomes a Sprint.

Christopher closed this task as Invalid.May 14 2017, 11:21 AM

Well that GUI which is coming included on this plugin need to be fix. Currently I dont know any manager who like to create sprint by this way.
Is there some one who has already fix this GUI some how to works better or
where I can find more information how to replace standard conduit UI?

The Conduit GUI is a component of Phabricator, not the Sprint extension.
This is an upstream issue entirely. Report your issue at