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Edit interface for new section is not created at nowiki
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Trying to add a new section at w:no:Wikipedia:Torget gives

Redigerer Wikipedia:Torget

Editoren lastes nå inn. Hvis du fremdeles ser denne meldingen etter et par sekunder, prøv å laste siden på nytt.

and it is not replaced with the usual edit interface.

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jeblad triaged this task as High priority.May 12 2017, 8:47 PM

This only happen as a logged in user, and possibly only on Firefox.

Turning off gadgets did not help.

Turning of beta functions did help.

Turned on all beta functions except WikitextEditor and it works, turning on WikitextEditor too and it fails.

Note that this only has an impact on
That is, editing through the ordinary old-ish interface when the WikitextEditor is enabled. The quick-fix is to wait until the new edit interface has loaded, and then click the tab (or link).