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Better participant information published before technical events
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As fair warning this will be a long term task as it is meant to impact Montreal, the next dev summit, Barcelona and South Africa.

Participants at hackathon are asked in registration for some information that they want to share with other participants.

@MelodyKramer suggests asking participants the following 4 questions in registration specifically to be published on the participants page:

  • What is your name?
  • How are you affiliated with the movement?
  • What should others ask you about? (example: structured metadata, machine learning, honeybees)
  • How can participants in the Hackathon contact you on and off-Wiki?

We are too late for Vienna and too late to get this into the actual registration for Montreal - however I will edit the participants page for Montreal to have these boxes and participants can go in after the fact and fill them in. We will change the registration format to collect this information starting for the next Dev Summit and also for Barcelona / South Africa.

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I am lowering the priority of this task so it does not get confused with upcoming tasks for Vienna

During the developer summit - we will publish Position Statements from all attendees along with name or user name.

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Sometimes I wonder whether we shouldn't use a different piece of software specializing in putting event participants with common interests in touch before, during, and after the event. We invest so much money and time in these events, and I think most of the potential establishing social connections is still untapped.

Monday morning in #wikidata IRC channel:

<qgil> Happy Monday! I was wondering whether there had been any discussion about... using Wikidata for Wikimedia users. Wikidata for the User: namespace.
<qgil> The idea being that users could describe themselves using Wikidata parameters, just like they describe themselves with natural language in their user pages.
<qgil> What I am after are queries like "users registered to the Wikimedia Hackathon 2018 that speak French and know Python". :)
<qgil> "Wikimedians who joined in 2016 and live in Andorra"
<qgil> Not all Wikimedians will be relevant enough for Wikidata proper, hence the idea of "Wikidata for the User namespace".
<qgil> (This might be a crazy idea in many ways. Then again, it is Monday morning in this part of the planet.)
<qgil> I see that the second line in "Create an item" says "Note: Don't create an item for your userpage. It will be deleted." So someone has thought about this, in a way. ;)


<qgil> After a few more minutes of research, it seems that those who would not say it is a bad idea upfront, would say that Global Userpages should go first, as per
<qgil> I am not a volunteer with plenty of time to discuss this idea, and how we could count Meta or Wikidata userpages only while those global userpages come (in 2030, with luck). ;)


<qgil> An alternative being Structured Data on Userpages. ;) Maybe I someone finds a donor willing to pay a grant for that.

I believe these questions or some that sound very much like them are being asked of the Wikimedia Conference participants. We might want to coordinate with WMDE on this, as well as with any other affiliate/entity doing technical events (there are a number of local hackathons/ developers meetings in the works all over the world). Pinging @CorneliusKibelka_WMDE to see if he has interest. . Also, wondering if we could actually expand this to non-technical events.

Hey, thanks for the ping, Delphine.
Indeed, we have asked same / similar questions in the registration form for the Wikimedia Conference. Additionally, we use a lot of tools (on-/offline) to enhance exchange & social interaction among participants. We have also published a Learning Pattern on this, cf

I'm happy to support, as well as share thoughts and ideas.

I recently received a series of emails ahead of an annual conference I attend, and they were spectacular.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 8.32.34 AM.png (1×1 px, 512 KB)

I'm sharing the headers and dates here. Basically, they were trickled out ahead of the conference so that participants knew:

  1. Exactly who was going
  2. What they could connect with them about
  3. How to make the best use of their conference.

Sharing here just as inspiration and as a way to think about comms ahead of events.

Such questions should be added to the section at .
Cleaning up that section on that wiki page is needed first though, as I wrote in T169850#3826631.

And in addition, a step would have to be documented to actually publish that received data at some point, and the follow-up step to inform participants about the availability of that published data about other participants.

A bit of a fail for 2018. We are collecting the correct data for Wikimania and intend to do better in 2019. I am going to leave this task open as a reminder!

These questions were just added to the Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018 registration. I will leave this task open until we create the next wikimedia hackathon registration form.

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