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RC filters bookmarks issues
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In betalabs there are discrepancies between what a user bookmarks and what will be displayed when bookmarked urls are loaded. Note that for Quick links what a user saves, that will be displayed unchanged, including no-effect filters and conflicting filters.

(1) The selection of filters will be discarded - only highlighting is preserved.

  • Select filters (not conflicting and not no-effect), check the check box and also apply some highlighting, e.g. "Unregistered"- blue + "Page edits"-green.
  • Bookmark the selected filters
  • Load the bookmarked link - The highlighting is preserved, but the filters will become deselected. The result will be different from what user was intending to save.

Much less severe cases:
(2) Conflicting filters cannot be bookmarked

  • Select conflicting filters and bookmark it, e.g. 'Very likely good' and 'Logged actions'
  • Load the bookmark - only 'Very likely good' filter will be displayed and no indication of the conflict.

(3) 'no-effect' filters after being bookmarked will be displayed with "No active filters. All contributions are shown"

  • Select 'Bot' and 'Human (not bot)' filters
  • Bookmark that filter selection
  • Load the bookmark - 'No active filters. All contributions are shown' is displayed.