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Wikivoyage-l has no list admin
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The Wikivoyage-l mailing list has one admin listed with their Foundation work email address, who has not worked at the Foundation since April 2015.

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Can you specify what exactly is being requested here as it's not immediately clear in the description? Thanks :)

KTC renamed this task from Wikivoyage-l list admin to Wikivoyage-l has no list admin.May 13 2017, 2:13 PM

I'm not personally requesting anything. Just noting that the mailing list has no list admin.

Maybe a posting on / to that list and asking if someone is interested (and has seen Mailman before)?

Peachey88 subscribed.

There is nothing being requested in this task.

Please request on the mailing list for someone to step forward to be a list mod, then file a task for that.

I personally don't really care about the list in question because I'm not an active contributor to the associated project. It only matters to me when emails get sent pretending to be from me (T160529) and there's no list admin to ask to set up a filter preventing those from getting through.

If you're happy to leave a mailing list with no admin, then go ahead....