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New param/pattern in service for requesting a single citation based on a unique identifier
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Both T162357 and T115248 (partially already deployed) which allows an identifier to be interpreted in multiple ways badly breaks the refToolBar use case, because in refToolBar there is no ability to select from several options.

So, currently we are returning both a pmcid and a pmid. For refToolBar's purposes, you might enter a PMID in the PMID field, and fill the template with the results from a PMCID, a totally different paper. Or vice versa. Despite refToolBar knowing what id has been selected, citoid does not and will give either. This is bad.

Adding OCLC and other search strings will worsen the problem. We need a way of allowing the consumer to specify the id being asked for, and return a single citation for that id.

I was thinking something like keeping api/ for the ambiguous searches and also providing the following endpoints:


For each of these we can provide a definitive citation.

Alternatively, we can have it be a param.



Obviously in restbase this param would be mapped to an endpoint anyway.

Opinions? I think it also might make sense to reverse the pmc/pmid feature we've already added until this can be resolved. The front end of that needs some work anyway...

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New endpoints make sense to me, especially in RESTBase.

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This doesn't seem to be within our purview

This doesn't seem to be within our purview

Sorry, I tagged it because RefToolbar is, and there will be some changes that will need to be made to RefToolBar when we change this :).

@Mvolz: I like the idea of explicitly passing a parameter, although I would prefer that it be called "type" instead of "id" as "id" is already used by RefToolbar's call to the refToolbar look-up proxy to hold the ID number/code itself.

Also, just so you know, RefToolbar is currently only using Citoid to do URL-based lookups, for everything else, PMID, ISBN, DOI, etc., it goes to the original data source (e.g.

What service is it using for ISBN?

Ah, makes sense. This is not covered by our agreement with worldcat. As I found out when I tried to request keys for that service, it is deprecated, although it seems to be running along just fine.