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Research participant feature requests (one-off)
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Feature requests that were mentioned by one participant.

Evaluate utility/cost of implementation and implement if appropriate.

  • Global bookmark system (starred pages in tool, integrated with watchlist, which also has more functionality)
  • When a reference is listed multiple times, a clear way to indicate the ‘real’, linked reference
  • Make the process of formatting links less burdensome
  • Allow users to choose to add paragraphs in translated section
  • Template education/awareness tutorials
  • Errors more apparent, and clarification on what the error is
  • Search-and-replace, page preview, integrated image upload functions
  • Ability to add portal links and interact with categories within the tool
  • Ability to add punctuation after a reference [] at the end of a text block

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dchen renamed this task from Page preview function to Research participant feature requests (one-off).May 15 2017, 6:55 PM
dchen updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Pginer-WMF This ticket may need to be divided into separate tickets.

@Pginer-WMF This ticket may need to be divided into separate tickets.

I think all are either supported in version 2 or there are separate tickets to work on them. The "global bookmarking system" is out of scope and "a clear way to indicate the ‘real’, linked reference" is not clear to me what it refers to (if anyone does, feel free to check in version 2 and report with more details).

I think we can close the ticket.