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Document basics of using a custom Kubernetes "Deployment" to operate a tool
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Stashbot has been running very stably for several months as a Kubernetes "deployment" which manages a single pod. This is conceptually very similar to what webservice --backend=kubernetes ... automates for a typical web service. The difference is that by making a custom deployment you can execute a continuous bot job rather than a language specific web platform.

We have been resisting making a jsub like wrapper for interacting with Kubernetes because of the hopes of T136264: Evaluate Kubernetes based workflow replacement options for SGE to select a mature FLOSS project providing the desired functionality. That task has been slowed down by the availability of Tool Labs administrators to push the effort forward. At this point we don't have a good estimate of when it will get started in earnest. In the meantime, it would be nice to provide a basic how to guide for tools that are willing to experiment and have the maintainer support needed to deal with changes in how things are started and stopped.

Upstream docs: