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Ensure fundraising banners work in right-to-left languages
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Pcoombe claimed this task.May 16 2017, 7:24 PM
Pcoombe created this task.

Notes so far from desktop:

Need translations in He

  • "Maybe later"
  • "Secure transaction"

Dsk small nag should come from right
Dsk small close is weird

@Amire80 Would you mind taking a quick look at these banners to see if they are correct in right-to-left?

We're missing a couple of translations ("Maybe later" and "Secure transaction") but those should be added soon.

cc @jrobell @spatton

Pcoombe closed this task as Resolved.Jun 23 2017, 2:56 PM

All of the "current best" banners now have right-to-left support.

@Pcoombe That's great. Thank you!

I have added translations for 'Maybe Later' and 'Secure transaction' in the translation extension.

Thank you @Pcoombe and @jrobell for the translations!