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Email user: disclaimer/footnote
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A user who is sent an email via "Email this user" may be unaware that replying to it will reveal their email address, and possibly IP. Depending on use of email client, it may also show the name associated with the account ("John Doe <>"), general location (via ISP) or even employer or personal website (depending on domain/signature settings).

Proposed that all emails should be sent with a footnote disclaimer, that can be set via the Mediawiki: namespace, and defaults (in English) to something like this:

"If you reply to this email, the sender of this email will get all information normally associated with an email conversation, such as your email address, and possibly the "IP address", and possibly the name or other details associated with that email account. You do not have to reply to this user. If you wish to reply without giving these details, please use "Email this user" from the Wikimedia website to do so <LINK TO Special:Emailuser/Sender>."

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Shoul probably include a short legal disclaimer, "The Wikimedia Foundation has not moderated or inspected this email, and is not responsible in any way for its contents."

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