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Update Phabricator groups/boards to reflect changes to Team Practices Group
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per the Team Practices Group's proposal:

  • Create new project
  • Move all open tasks to new board EXCEPT from Engagements board
  • Archive TPG boards/tags:
  • Team Practices
  • This Week,
  • Epics
  • Engagements
  • Essential Functions

Archive our current boards and create one new project for the cop (if we stick with the org change meetup structure, it'd be nice to use the Phab board to track what's up next).

Event Timeline

ggellerman moved this task from To Triage to General backlog on the Team-Practices board.

Move all existing open tickets into new project

Name of new project: "Team Practices Guild"

Created Team-Practices-Guild

Archived all the projects except for TPG-Engagements, waiting for @MBinder_WMF, @ksmith, @Awjrichards, @JAufrecht to resolve/move their tasks. I resolved mine.

@NHarateh_WMF Is the action to "Resolve" all tickets and "Archive" all Milestones?

@MBinder_WMF That's a good question, I remember that action item as "do something with your Engagements tasks so I can archive the project and its milestones". As long as you resolve/move all your tasks, I'll do the rest as part of this task

@MBinder_WMF do you think resolving your tasks can fit within light admin OOO work? 😬 I can archive the board when you're ☑️

@NHarateh_WMF Done. I recommend individually archiving each Milestone, as well, as each is technically an open project (and closing the parent does not, I think, archive the Milestones).

Can this task's status be set to "resolved" as it's in the "Done" column and has not seen updates for nine months?
Or is there more work planned/needed here?

This appears done, and if not it's not relevant anymore, anyway, as there is no more Team Practices Group. Resolving.