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Open Knowledge Maps for the Wikiverse!
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At Open Knowledge Maps, we are building a visual interface to the world's scientific knowledge. In this session, I will give a brief overview of our system and show how it can support people in exploration and discovery of research findings. Then, I would like to explore, how we can best support Wikimedia projects with this approach. First ideas include:

  • Automatically create overview maps for statements with [citation needed]
  • Interfacing with WikiData
  • Support in updating outdated scientific evidence

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Pkraker renamed this task from Open Knowledge Maps for Wikimedia projects! to Open Knowledge Maps for the Wikiverse!.May 18 2017, 11:33 AM

Thanks all for participating in the session. Here's the pad with the ideas that came up during the discussion:

@Pkraker: As this took place I am closing this task as resolved. Please feel free to create followup tasks (based on the meetup notes) if there are any. Thanks!