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read and write Wikidata from the command-line
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Come to see me for an introduction to wikidata-cli!
Alternatively, if enough people show interest, we can schedule a breakout session: please comment below if interested.

Ideally, you should come with:

  • a computer with which you know how to open a terminal
  • NodeJS installed
  • tea, I like tea

Event Timeline

@Framawiki I'm in the Blunzn room (1st level), come anytime!

Are you planning to do another introduction to the cli-tool again soon? I'd be curious about it.

@MrSteff sure! simply come to the Blunzn room anytime, I'm there most of the time (usually first desk at your right when you enter)

Great, I'll come over after dinner, so around 7. You can reach me on IRC as MrSteff.

@MrSteff hey, feel free to reach me on IRC (user: maxlath) if/when you want to come, so that we don't miss each others

I assume that this skillshare session at the Vienna Hackathon 2017 took place and that there are no follow-up actions to define (or that they have been defined in separate tasks).
Hence I'm closing this task as resolved. Please reopen if I'm wrong. Thanks a lot!