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SocialProfile: Pressing the "cancel" button when asked if the end-user is sure they want to remove a specific user from friends list doesn't do anything
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When the end-user is asked to remove a specific user from their friends list, there are two options. "Confirm", and "Cancel". However, "Cancel" doesn't do anything. I'm not really sure what it should do, although an idea is that it could redirect back to that user's page. In this example of the screenshot, pressing "cancel" could redirect back to User:Jack_Phoenix.

How to reproduce:

  1. Visit a friend's profile on the wiki
  2. Click "Remove as friend"
  3. Arrive at this form asking this question: Do you want to remove $1 as your friend?
  4. Try pressing "Cancel" only to see that nothing happens

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This isn't really reproducible in normal conditions (i.e. when you browse to a friend's page). The only case in which I can reproduce the behavior you saw is if I directly visit a URL like /index.php?title=Special:RemoveRelationship&user=<some user name here>, because the Cancel button (and for that matter, the other button as well) has an (inline) onclick handler. For the Cancel button, this handler is history.go(-1). Granted, we could make this a bit more relisient as well as friendlier for users who don't have JavaScript enabled and point the Cancel button to something like the friend's profile or your own profile. Thoughts?

Huh, makes sense. I think that in my opinion, it's smarter for it to point back to the friend's profile since that's probably going to be how they get to that question form.

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