Add "override-antispoof" right to accountcreator group.
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Diff of AntiSpoof.php file that gives accountcreator group override-antispoof right.

Currently on the English Wikipedia, there is a special accountcreator group made specifically to aid people who cannot normally create an account, whether it be from not being able to see the CAPTCHA or because their username is too similar. In the case of the latter, where a username is too similar to another username, a sysop may create the username anyway if the similar username is inactive. However, there are not a lot of active sysops aiding in the Request an account process. The accountcreator group, which currently only has the right to exceed the account creation limits, should be able to override the antispoof, since that would allow the clearing of the daily backlog of account requests that need a sysop to create.

Put simply, in order to make the account creation process smoother and easier, this change would allow users in the accountcreator group (there are not too many, but there are enough to help out) to override the anti-spoof. I have attached a diff of the file that needs to be changed.

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The account creator group only exists on as far as I know, adding new rights to it should be done locally in Wikimedia's settings files. There may also be good reasons to not allow overriding it, has this been discussed with the people involved?

You are right, it should just be locally. As for discussion, I have started an RFC on enwiki right now at [[WT:ACC]]. Anybody's comments are welcome.

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Diff of AntiSpoof.php file that gives accountcreator group override-antispoof right.

Change should be in LocalSettings.php file, not in the extension itself.

Per the consensus in that discussion, it seems this effectively depends on resolving bug 13426 first: marked as such.

alexfusco5 wrote:

Bug 13426 has now been resolved and there appears to be consensus on En Wikipedia.

lastword wrote:

Bumping this — any chance it could be implemented?

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