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Compute smart defaults when no latitude and longitude is given
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It would be nice to have better default than (0;30) when no latitude and longitude is provided.
It would require to implement in PHP something similar to the MapBox default value computation.

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Mholloway subscribed.

Can you be more specific about what you'd like to see happen?

For example if the call to mapframe is:

<mapframe width="350" height="350">
  "type": "Feature",
  "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [-122.3988, 37.8013] },
  "properties": {
    "title": "[[wikipedia:Exploratorium|Exploratorium]]",
    "description": "[[File:Giant_Mirror_at_the_Exploratorium.jpeg|200px]]",
    "marker-symbol": "museum",
    "marker-size": "large",
    "marker-color": "0050d0"

The static map caption has a zoom level of 1 and is centered at something like 0,0. I would like to get a caption centered at 37.8013, -122.3988 with a relevant zoom level (something like 13) just like what is done with the interactive UI.

Test page:

Thanks! The current task seems to duplicate that one indeed.