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Gender Gap Dashboard
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We can create a tool for visualization of data related to gender gap on wikipedias.

Examples of data to be showed grouping "male", "female", and "none":

  • Number of editors
  • Active editors
  • Revertions
  • Presence in user groups
  • Categories edited

Things to have in mind:

  • Bots have gender?
  • May the IPs and the users without gender behavior be correlated to the genders behavior?
  • Is patroled editions backlog gender biased?

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Event Timeline

We will have a small session to engage more people on Room Heuriger from 12:30 to 13:00.

Here's a jsfiddle link to our very first visualisation using Highcharts:

We created some queries with data from the Portuguese Wikipedia that can be used for the first visualization tests:

Gender by user groups:
Robots gender:
Reverted revisions gender:

More queries:

In ptwiki:
Users with Gender disclosured :

In dewiki:

User groups gender:
Users with Gender disclosured :

I guess this can be closed as resolved, as the demo is online. :) (Thanks everybody who worked on this!)
Feel free to file followup task or request a project in Phab if more work here is wanted!