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Vienna Hackathon project - Commons games for analyzing categorization
Closed, DeclinedPublic


Participants: @MarkTraceur

Goal: Snappy, simple web application for evaluating categories and images on Commons to determine whether categorization is accurate, and to find good images in categories.

Languages: JavaScript, Pug (template language), CSS

Follow-up after hackathon:

  • Improve user registration/login (currently only one user, manually entered in DB)
  • Deploy to Labs
  • Improve reporting from database
  • Investigate bot account for labs instance
  • Use game infrastructure to make suggested edits to Commons categories
  • Clean up code, refactor to reduce code reuse, fix obvious problems in frontend interface (errors, oversights)

Event Timeline

@MarkTraceur: Did this take place? Can this be closed as resolved? Or are there followup tasks?

@Aklapper I'd say this is on hold indefinitely while we work out the Structured Data on Commons project, it will drastically change how we do things...and open up a lot of possibilities!