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Language support requests backlog drive
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Siebrand and I, with the assistance of Niklas, processed most pending language support requests at, closing 15 requests.


Content of copied below:

2017-05-20 cleanup

hym ||
* Rejected. Language has been submitted for a code, but has not yet been recognized. Once it has been, it will be.
pjt ||
* Rejected. There are no prospect translators.
ovd ||
* Added:
syl ||
* Not yet added. Not enough information. More information added now.
skr ||
* Added:
brx ||
* Already in ULS.
kln ||
* Rejected. This is classified as a macro language. It includes Keiyo [eyo], Kipsigis [sgc], Markweeta [enb], Nandi [niq], Okiek [oki], Pökoot [pko], Sabaot [spy], Terik [tec], Tugen [tuy]. Which language are we talking about?
tun ||
* Rejected. Heritage language of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana.
kjv ||
* Rejected. We are not adding UI localisation support for historic languages.
hoc || [ (dot needed)
* Probably needs both Deva and Wara script, defaulting to Wara for now (but may become Deva later if Ethnologue is right that Wara is no longer in use).
* Requested clarification, will not add support for localising in script that is no longer in use, because it doesn't make sense to have people try and use that.
crj ||
* This request is rejected until there are proficient writers to actually contribute to the localisation of a language code. 
jv-java ||
* We don't add support for localisation in scripts that are no longer in use. The code is available in ULS, because for example Wikidata entries can be made in jv-java. 
nod ||
* Thai script seems fine, judging also from Ethnologue.
bn-in ||
* Rejected per reasons given by translator in thread.
hak-hant, hak-hans ||
* The Wikipedia subdomain seems to have a rather constant albeit low activity.
es-ni ||

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Nemo_bis triaged this task as Medium priority.

Change 354747 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nemo bis; owner: Federico Leva):
[mediawiki/extensions/UniversalLanguageSelector@master] Update jequery.uls for new languages added and other changes

Change 354747 abandoned by Amire80:
Update jquery.uls from upstream for new languages added and other changes

Already done. Thanks.