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Disable Flagged Revisions on sq.wikipedia
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Nobody is actively reviewing changes on according these stats.

It would be nice if @Liridon or @Olsi can start a discussion on the wiki to check what's the best course of action, for example:

  • disable the extension
  • organize a clearing queue drive
  • show the latest revision reviewed or not

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Dereckson created this task.

@Dereckson sorry, I haven't seen this task before. Reason of increased un-reviewed edits can be usage of AutoWikiBrowser before some months, some users without autochecked role have done mass edits (good edits but not reviewed). Now edits with AWB are limited, and we have a process for users who want to do this kind of mass edits. We need this tool, with the settings that it has now, and according to current stats we have done some positive progress since January.

@Seb35 the full list will be this since autochecked users and administrators also can review, most of them dont have role "reviewer" (sq:Kontrollues)

@Liridon In Finnish Wikipedia we have a bot which retroactively approves the edits after the bot flag or autoreview flag is added. We have also a ORES support so it can approve the edits based on that, but I think that using ORES to detect who should be added to autoreviewed usergroup is the main thing for us.