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Names for documentation subpages on
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Can names for documentation subpages on be equally /doc, /док and /dok, or at least that /док is recognized as default?

Problems sometimes exist... One example is that TemplateData is not recognized when put on /док (which is, btw, the most used name for documentation subpages; example is Template:Start-date/doc [message "Please note: there is already a TemplateData block..." got displayed] and Template:Infokutija Političar-lat/док [no message although there is TemplateData tag used in documentation]).

Also, some module documentation subpages (example) got "locked" after we changed /doc to /док as default for modules on TranslateWiki in order to harmonize with templates commonly used documentation subpages name.

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Currently, the MediaWiki software doesn't support this level of suffix rewrite. So, before to configure this to sr.wikipedia, the feature has to be prepared.