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Audit Collaboration Team schemas and see if we want to request different purging policies for any
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They are going to start doing this soon (not clear yet what the exact deadline is).

See .

We can focus on the ones since summer 2016, since others should have been handled earlier.

To request minimal purging (incomplete list):

  • CLFilters
  • CLHighlights
  • ChangesListFilterGrouping

Event Timeline

Our deadline to have all data in compliance is this quarter, now, you can off course set up whitelisting for fields that will apply towards future data.

Two and a half years later, is this still something that the Growth-Team should or wants to do, or should this task be declined?

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Being bold and resolving this because:

  1. ChangesListFilters has no code producing events and there's a corresponding allowlist entry;
  2. ChangesListHighlights is not mentioned in any codebases that Codesearch knows about; and
  3. ChangesListFilterGrouping is currently being decommissioned as part of T317525: Decommission the ChangesListFilterGrouping instrument.