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Change TPG meetings post 2017-06-05
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per staff meeting notes:

When can we remove TPG meetings from the calendar?
GG thinks that it makes sense to keep 1 or 2 of the hour long ones for the time being
KL: between now and June 5 focus in triage and work review meeting on transitioning the boards during that meeting so focus on work required to shut work down
Keep the Staff meeting and the monthly retro and maybe Tea Time (still optional)- for first few weeks, and adapt cadence and cut if we need to
So as of June 5, cancel Work Review, Triage, Monthly Backlog Grooming, Quarterly Strategy checkin

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ggellerman renamed this task from Change TPG meetings post 6/5 to Change TPG meetings post 2017-06-05.May 31 2017, 8:36 PM
ggellerman triaged this task as Medium priority.

Work Review as of June 5
TPG Triage as of June 7
Monthly Backlog Grooming as of Jun 19
TPG quarterly checkin on strategy, values, and norms as of July 7

Also scanned calendar for rest of 2017 to check that the above are no long on and these still are:

Left Staff, Tea Time, and Monthly Retro