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List of DonationInterface messages used in banners/donatewiki
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There are some DonationInterface messages which get used in banners and donatewiki, and a couple of times changes to these message keys have caused problems there. Could we add this list somewhere in the extension code? That way searching for the key when making a change would at least give some warning.

DonationInterface messages used in WMF banners

  • donate_interface-onetime-short
  • donate_interface-monthly-short
  • donate_interface-donor-email
  • donate_interface-error-msg-invalid-email
  • donate_interface-smallamount-error

DonationInterface messages used on donatewiki

  • donate_interface-onetime-short
  • donate_interface-monthly-short
  • donate_interface-amount-legend
  • donate_interface-other
  • donate_interface-amount-error
  • donate_interface-smallamount-error
  • donate_interface-amazon-button
  • donate_interface-bt-button
  • donate_interface-cc-button
  • donate_interface-ccdc-button
  • donate_interface-ewallet-button
  • donate_interface-paypal-button
  • donate_interface-faqs
  • donate_interface-informationsharing
  • donate_interface-monthly-cancel
  • donate_interface-otherways-short
  • donate_interface-problemsdonating
  • donate_interface-taxded-link-us