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Support per project user email address $
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@Dzahn suggested it on irc and @bd808 said to create a task for this.

Something worth pursuing to prevent spam being sent to labs and ops.

context: We were talking about mail that is sent to root@ on VPSes. There is an alias root: (or and i thought "the ideal recipient of this would be a generic alias that automatically contains the project admins of the current project". Because these are the people who are root on their instances and should be told if, for example, crons fail.

So the idea is to have something like: root@$ or $ that automatically exists for each project and ideally gets automatically updated when project admins change. --Dzahn

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Paladox renamed this task from Support per project email address <project> to Support per project user email address $ 25 2017, 9:50 PM

The rough idea would be to figure out how to route root@instance emails to the list of project maintainers tracked in keystone.

[21:51]  <valhallasw`cloud>	the current tools implementation is ldap based, using and

~~ I will try to do this but dont assign incase i am unable~~ I can do any puppet changes needed when keystone dev is started by someone else (unfamilar woth keystone) and collab.

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