Program 1 Outcome 4: VPS hosting
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Availability, performance, and maintenance


We will maintain the availability of Wikimedia’s sites and services for our global audiences and ensure they’re running reliably, securely, and with high performance. We will do this while modernizing our infrastructure and improving current levels of service when it comes to testing, deployments, and maintenance of software and hardware.


Wikimedia Cloud Services users can leverage a reliable and public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product ecosystem for VPS hosting.

Objectives, Activities, Milestones, and Targets

  • Objective 1: Maintain existing OpenStack infrastructure and services
  • Objective 2: Pay down technical debt and allow upgrading of the core OpenStack platform to modern, supported releases by replacing the current network topology layer with OpenStack Neutron, which has become the standard for most OpenStack deployments.
  • Objective 3: Increase availability of compute resources for the IaaS product by expanding deployment of physical resources beyond the current single broadcast domain
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Status on last work day of FY17/18:

Objective 2 partially complete, but pending production deployment. Objective 3 postponed.