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problem of HTML rendering in RSS feed
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Author: crochet.david

Source of the RSS feed

I read the RSS feed with Akregartor V1.2.2 under opensuse 10.1 (Linux i686) and some link do not appear good.

The problem is always in the <description> tag

For exemple with the attached file (XML and capture8.png).
for the second <item> with User talk:Ladykosha for <title> the link for the template is good rendering

but in this exemple (XML and capture7.png) (next <item> with Template:Добро пожаловать <title> ) the rendreding is not good, because instead of having a link, we have the full html text. (Red box)

I hope that my explication is good.

This problem appear with rename, upload, deletion action.

But never when a bot ( with pywikipediabot script ) add a wikilink in the summary , or a rollback action

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Severity: enhancement




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crochet.david wrote:

a capture with a bad rendreing


capture7.png (1×1 px, 142 KB)

crochet.david wrote:

screen shot with a good rendering


capture8.png (1×1 px, 179 KB)

Fixed in r37202

Log entry action text was being double-escaped by running HTML through the comment parser.
Log action text is now output as straight HTML.

The link for long diffs was also coming out wrong on English Wikipedia due to overloading of messages.
Switched from 'differenes' (which is a label text which had gotten turned into an HTML link there) to 'showdiff', which is a plaintext button label. (Might consider making it a separate message which is a little more descriptive.)