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Article arrangement in Mobile view
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Hello, recently many of users wrote a complaints about the change on the article arrangement in Mobile view so that the article introduction appears before the information box,

so please is this a bug or a new update? it's globally or we can open a local discussion about it?


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Hi @alanajjar, thanks for taking the time to report this!
Unfortunately this report lacks some information. If you have time and can still reproduce the problem, please add a more complete description to this report (a list of exact steps to reproduce, describing actual results and expected results after performing the steps to reproduce, linking to a public testcase). Thanks!

@Aklapper , thanks for your replay,

See here for exampleإيفا_براون

The article introduction above the information box and this thing happened recently (before that the information box above the all of the article content).

the users put the complement here and in unofficial f.b group of


Framawiki subscribed.

It's a new feature. The lead paragraph now appear before the infobox. As I can read here this option was globally enabled.
See T150325: Move first paragraph before infobox on stable for the deployment task.

If the arwiki community does not want that, perhaps you can, after a community consensus, open a new task to return as before for your wiki. See in this case.

@Framawiki Thanks, can you close this task now until I clarify this to Arabic Wikipedia community.

Thanks to @Aklapper aslo.