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Enable FlaggedRevs custom configuration on he.wikisource
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Author: dovijacobs

I would like to request enabling a custom configuration of the FlaggedRevs
extension on he.wikisource. Community support for the major components (in English) at the local "village pump" is shown here (chronologically following more extensive discussion of the details in Hebrew):

Full configuration details are as follows:

Which namespaces should allow pages to be flagged?


What types of tags can pages be flagged with, and what is each flag's minimal level for a quality page?

  • THREE TYPES OF TAGS, WITH THE FOLLOWING NAMES IN HEBREW: o שלמות (five Hebrew characters), meaning "completeness". Levels 0-4 (0="not at all"). o הגהה (four Hebrew characters), meaning "accuracy" or "proofreading". Levels 0-4 (0="not at all"). o עיצוב (five Hebrew characters), meaning "formatting" or aesthetics. Levels 0-4 (0="not at all").

How many levels are there for each tag that can be flagged?

  • LEVELS 0-4.

0= חסר (word with three Hebrew characters meaning "not at all") 1= קצת (word with three Hebrew characters meaning "minimal") 2= הרבה (word with four Hebrew characters meaning "much") 3= מלא (word with three Hebrew characters meaning "full") 4= מאושר (word with five Hebrew characters meaning "approved" or "featured")

A revision with all tags rated at least to this level is considered "pristine"/"featured"

  • LEVEL 4.

Do flagged revs override the default view?


Who should see the current revision by default, rather than reviewed revision?


Can users make comments that will show up below flagged revisions?

  • YES.

Who can set what flags to what level? (use -1 or 0 for not at all)


This will only distinguish "sighted", "quality", and unreviewed. A small icon will show in the upper right hand corner.

  • NO.

Add stable/draft revision tabs. May be redundant due to the tags.

  • YES.

Review changes since stable version on save?

  • YES.

Auto-review edits directly to the stable version by reviewers?

  • YES.

Auto-review new pages with the minimal level?

  • NO.

Mark all previous edits as "patrolled" when an edit is reviewed.

  • YES.

Define when users get automatically promoted to editors. Set as false to disable.


When parsing a reviewed revision, if a template to be transcluded has a stable version, use that version. If not present, use the one specified when the reviewed revision was reviewed.

  • YES.

Use current unreviewed revision when situations won't allow stable revision.

  • YES.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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(In reply to comment #0)

I would like to request enabling a custom configuration of the FlaggedRevs
extension on he.wikisource. Community support for the major components (in
English) at the local "village pump" is shown here (chronologically following
more extensive discussion of the details in Hebrew):

Full configuration details are as follows:
[snip] ....
Who should see the current revision by default, rather than reviewed revision?


Are you sure this is correct? It will make editing require an extra loop sometimes even for regular users. Maybe at least people with "editor" (basic review) rights should see the current by default?

dovijacobs wrote:

Yes, I think Aaron's suggestion makes good sense. (Nahum and the others, do you agree?)

Our idea is that since we are dealing with previously published texts that must be presented in an exactly correct form, we would like the default viewed by most people (logged-in or not) to have zero chance of being one that has been vandalized or otherwise compromised without review.

The main thing, however, is that all options be available to the user in his preferences, regardless of the defaults. Especially if that is the case, it makes good sense for the people who regularly work on these texts, nearly all of whom will be at least editors (basic review or higher), that their default should be the current version of the text.

So given Aaron's point, it seems the request should be revised as follows:

Who should see the current revision by default, rather than reviewed revision?


dovijacobs wrote:

Great and thanks, Nahum.

Aaron, thanks for your suggestion. Do you think anything else should be clarified or modified?

If not, could we get a green light to go ahead with this?

dovijacobs wrote:

Please note that while the above request is essentially correct and may be implemented as such, there is one factor that reflects a misunderstanding on my part.

Specifically, the above request includes Wikisource-specific terms (in Hebrew) for the types of quality-tags on pages and for their levels. However, Rotem Liss has informed me that these should be modified for local needs within the local system messages at Hebrew Wikisource. But the basic translation of these terms that has already been done at Betawiki should reflect their global meanings.

Therefore, please implement the above request based on the current localization at Betawiki, without regard to the specific Hebrew terms that were requested above. We will make local changes to these messages after implementation.

dovijacobs wrote:

Please note that despite the current discussion going on at the Foundation mailing list (regarding localization as a prerequisite), the Hebrew localization for the extension is nearly finished anyways. Approximately 90% of messages have already been localized.

Aaron will need to review this for me, as I am far from knowledgeable in regards to flaggedrevs.php

Firstly, we usually do not enable it across all namespaces by default. The default namespaces are here, if there are more required, then they need to be specified. (Just do them all is not normally a valid request.)

$wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces = array(NS_MAIN, NS_IMAGE, NS_TEMPLATE);

Each tag will have 4 levels of review.

$wgFlaggedRevValues = 4; //There are 4 levels to each Tag

There are 3 tags, and the 4th level is the 'ideal' revision.

$wgFlaggedRevTags = array( //There are three types of tag, with the 4th level being the 'quality' revision of a tag.

          'completeness' => 4, 
          'accuracy' => 4,
          'formatting' => 4

$wgFlaggedRevsOverride = true; //By default, users see the flaggrev versions rather than unflagged.

$wgFlaggedRevsComments = true;  //Allow the editors/reviewers to make comments visible below the revisions.

$wgFlaggedRevTabs = true; // Whether to use "stable" and "current" revision tabs.

The rest I am not so sure about. Aaron, when you have a moment can you drop me a line on IRC or comment to this ticket on what we need?

$wgFlagRestrictions = array(
'completeness' => array( 'editor' => 3 ),
'accuracy'    => array( 'editor' => 3 ),
'formatting'    => array( 'editor' => 3 ),

$wgFlaggedRevsOverride and $wgFlaggedRevTabs are true by default without config. Not needed here :)

'$wgFlaggedRevsAutoReviewNew = false;' is needed

The value 4 in $wgFlaggedRevTags above perhaps should be 3. It is not given in the request what it should be, though 3 is somewhat implied by the editor/reviewer distinction.

dovijacobs wrote:

Hi, the following are the namespaces on Hebrew Wikisource:

(ראשי) (NS_MAIN)
משתמש (User)
ויקיטקסט (project namespace)
תמונה (NS_IMAGE)
מדיה ויקי (mediawiki)
תבנית (image)
עזרה (help)
קטגוריה (category)
קטע (“section” a custom namespace)
עמוד (“page” a custom namespace)
ביאור (“annotation” a custom namespace)
מחבר (“author” a custom namespace)
תרגום (“translation” a custom namespace)
מפתח (“index” a custom namespace)

Regarding the request for tags to be called "completeness", "accuracy", "formatting" etc. -- As I wrote above please ignore all of this because it was based on a misunderstanding. Instead, please simply apply the localization as done at Betawiki, and we will modify these messages locally on our own.

At any rate, is the following OK for $wgFlaggedRevTags?

$wgFlaggedRevTags = array(

'completeness' => 3, 
'accuracy' => 3,
'formatting' => 3


dovijacobs wrote:

That is absolutely fine!

As far as I can see things are ready. Aaron and Rob, do you have any other questions that need to be clarified?

Happy holidays and thanks for your help.

This has been added with the namespaces requested. Keep in mind there are no other wiki installations on the cluster using quite so many namespaces in flagged revisions, not sure how much the users will like it. If its an issue, re-open this ticket or start a new one and we can trim it down.

Otherwise you are all set.

dovijacobs wrote:

Rob, thanks so very much! Starting to learn how to use it...

These seems to be a bug regarding $wgFlaggedRevTags.

"Accuracy" works just fine. But "completeness" and "formatting" give gibberish, both for the name of the field and for the levels 0-4 within it. It is possible to select based on number, but the description is gibberish.

From what I can tell from the system messages, the defaults are "Accuracy", "Depth" and "Style," which means that the two non-standard ones are *precisely* the ones that don't work.

So perhaps the following simple solution might work: Simply revert the installation to the three defaults. (I.e. replace "Completeness" and "Formatting" with "Depth" and "Style") using the current localization at Betawiki. Then we can customize locally (as I have already done regarding the specific elements within "accuracy"). This is how Rotem advised us to do things anyway (see comments above).

PS Another small bug I noticed is likely connected to the RTL environment. See comments here:

PSS Also, I noticed that admins and bcts don't get automatically promoted, and it doesn't seem to work unless the individual promotes himself. Is it supposed to work that way?

Thanks so much for helping to resolve this!

dovijacobs wrote:

Also, I found some namespaces where FlaggedRevs doesn't seem active: "ביאור" and the category namespace.

We use category pages very heavily in terms of their text component, and often the major display of a text is at its category page. ביאור ("annotations") is also for hundreds of highly edited texts. Project namespace user namespace don't seem to work either.

dovijacobs wrote:

Hi, Erel (a contributor at he.wikisource) seems to have solved the problem with "completeness" and "formatting". I don't fully understand how he did it but it looks good. I've asked him to explain it here.

I just duplicated what you did to "proofreading" - I put the texts in the appropriate pages.

Ok, the auto promotion script was not run, and I just ran it, so that part is fixed.

I am checking into the namespaces not being covered.

I see why the namespaces were not working, it was a typo of my own doing in the file. (put in the wrong number for the namespaces.)

It should be working now.