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Wrap user interface messages in tags with lang & xml:lang if site language != user language
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<html> has lang and xml:lang set via site language.

If user has different language set in preferences or uses ?uselang= override, then all interface messages should be wrapped in tag with appropriate lang & xml:lang attributes.

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This isn't generally feasible at the moment as there's no clear demarcation of what in output is a text boundary.

Reopened per talk with Brion @ Wikimania.

With the newer Message class infrastructure I think we should be able to more easily do this sort of thing.

When callers ask for an HTML or HTML-escaped version of a message, it could be wrapped (even if we have to explicitly ask for it at times).

bug 6100 related ?

See also bug 30238.

I think the original problem identified in this ticket has been solved since. Bug 30238 is still a problem, but I don't think we should keep this open just for that. Perhaps expand that ticket to also include lang ?