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Automatic account creations (SUL) are not reported on irc RC
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Automatic SUL account creations due to visiting a new wiki are logged on Special:log/newusers, but not appear on

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They don't appear on IRC because they aren't logged in recent changes. This was made to not flood recent changes on small wikis.

They could choose User namespace, Invert. Or a new filter "hide/show user creation" could be added. That seems against the principle of watching what happens on the wiki the wiki by recentchanges.
Are there any numbers about how many account creations are triggered on small wikis?

"they're not supposed to be reported on irc, that would be really annoying and stupid" is not a good reason. The same could be said about almost any log, and there's no difference on seeing Manual user creations and automated ones. Tracking user creations *is* useful. And sockpuppeteers are already taking advantage of SUL. Small wikis have less edits but also much less visits, so automatic account creations will also be low.

WONTFIX. This is done intentional. Global blocking is being developed, which would make it possible to block SUL users in the future. Their edits *are* visible, which is what is most important.

this needs enabled as several vandals are exploiting this error to avoid detection and most automated checking processes use the IRC feed. it would be very very useful to be able to detect these usernames upon autocreation.

cometstyles wrote:

As mentioned on IRC,it will be easier to have a channel on
which shows the new unified accounts and enwiki admins can use bots to log that
into #wikipedia-en-alerts and stewards can use it to lock and hide
bad/attacking usernames.

matthew.britton wrote:

Bug 15276 asked for a single channel showing all automatic account creations, which has been implemented. This would seem to resolve this bug too, as the requested information is now available through IRC.

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