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Dataset selection mockup (Primary Sources configuration)
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  • Change current dropdown to CapsuleMultiselectWidget
  • As a user I would like to click on the dataset and to read a description with basic statistics as total statements and missing statements

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The user selects one or more dataset.

primary_sources_conf_page_2.png (755×1 px, 128 KB)

Or he can search a dataset with the OO.ui.CapsuleMultiselectWidget research field.

primary_sources_conf_page_1.png (755×1 px, 131 KB)

When a user select on a dataset in the right column appear dataset description, total statements and missing statements.

primary_sources_conf_page_3.png (755×1 px, 156 KB)

Afnecors renamed this task from Dataset selection mockup to Dataset selection mockup (Primary Sources configuration).May 30 2017, 2:37 PM

Looking good :)
One observation: If I don't know which data sets are available how do I know what to look for?

@Lydia_Pintscher When input search field gains focus (clicking on it) the CapsuleMultiselectWidget shows a list (in this case the data sets). You can find a preview here.