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Allow ZIP CAPAB on
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CAPAB is an irc extension of ircd hybrid which allows to request a extension for a link. If either end don't support a capability (or CAPAB command at all) it is ignored. CAPABility ZIP allows for data compression (the server must be compiled with ZIP_LINKS).

Many uses of involve specific software, which are likely to add support for it (as opposed to normal irc clients), and given the amount of messages on that server, compression would make a difference on user bandwidth.

However, use of compression is not allowed for clients.

I'd have filled this bug time ago, but after querying about it, thought the code wasn't available any more. So _please_ put it on svn (either full or as a diff)

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Severity: enhancement



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Inspired by bug 14658, by the way.

Ignore comment 1, please. I thought I was typing on another report.

Add ZIP CAPAB for users to ircd-hybrid-6.4.4

Patch against ircd-hybrid-6.4.4 which adds the ZIP CAPAB to users.


mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

We have an 'IRC' component now.

Here Fred, have a fun one. :) Not a high priority but might be nice to get off the list if it looks feasible.

fvassard wrote:

ZIP CABAP has been enabled:

Compiling ircd-ratbox stable

Installing into: /usr/local/ircd-ratbox
Ziplinks ....................... yes
OpenSSL ........................ no
Modules ........................ shared
IPv6 support ................... no
Net I/O implementation ......... epoll
IO Debugging hooks ............. no
Assert debugging ............... no
Small network .................. no
ratbox-services compatibility .. yes


The enabled capability is for server<->server communication.
This bug is for clients to be able to receive the events compressed.

*Bulk BZ Change: +Patch to open bugs with patches attached that are missing the keyword*

I've opened bug 42789 to see if we can get the IRCD source code on a Gerrit repo to apply this patch.

This patch is years old, maybe you should consider sending it to upstream . That might land on our servers via Ubuntu before we managed to apply the patch ourself :-]

Platonides: Have you considered writing your patch against code of current trunk in and upstreaming that patch? See comment 10.

I'd prefer to try that first (especially due to the reviewing expertise of upstream maintainers - I don't expect anybody of Wikimedia ops to know the IRCD code by heart) to maintaining local patches, at least as long as upstream has not rejected a patch *yet*. :)

We use irc-ratbox. None of the irc server I am connected to seems to offer a ZIP capability.

I don't think we should maintain such a patch locally, it is much better to have it reviewed upstream and merged there for long term maintenance. That will benefit other users as well.

Given the capability is not that much of an issue for the server, I don't think we need to keep this bug report around.