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Impact analysis of New page reviewer userright change
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In November 2016 new page patrolling on English Wikipedia was restricted to editors with a newly created user right called New Page Reviewer. In this study, we will assess the impact of this restriction on who is able to review new articles.

We want to know how this new restriction has affected:

  • the proportion of 'incorrect' review decisions by new page patrollers?
  • the number of re-reviews that patrollers perform?
  • the number of people who perform new page patrol?
  • the number of people eligible to perform new page patrol?
  • the rate at which new page patrollers can expect to eliminate the current backlog of unreviewed new articles?

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Been working on this. See my work logs in the wiki page. I'm still working on some measurements of scale using the wmf.mediawiki_page_history table. I'll soon be working on tracking the status of page creators (autoconfirmed, autopatrolled, etc.) and then I'll work on intersecting with patrolling logs to answer the above questions.

I'm moving this to Staged based on the backlog grooming meeting discussion today and the discussion with Jonathan. Please feel free to move the task to the appropriate column with the status of it changes.

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Blocked on time. Lowered priority because Nettrom's work addresses several related questions, tho it doesn't address this question directly.

Just a head's up that we've rephrased our hypotheses around patroller workload since the start of the ACTRIAL project, and "number of active patrollers" is now one of our measurements together with a few related ones. Ref hypotheses 9–13 on our project page: I plan to reuse your query for counting number of active patrollers, thanks!

While we're looking at different aspects around the same process, I might end up having some interesting data.